英語版の絵本(English version of the picture book)

英語版の絵本(English version of the picture book)

This page introduces English versions of picture books for children with disabilities.


There are many picture books that even people with severe disabilities can enjoy, so please check them out.


For children who cannot see pictures well


Introducing a picture book that even children who have difficulty seeing pictures can enjoy.


A song picture book to enjoy sounds, rhythms, and interactions





This is a play picture book where you can enjoy touching and playing along with the song. It can be enjoyed by older children as well, with or without disabilities.


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I made a picture book of my favorite play song.

It’s a play song that parents and children can enjoy interacting with each other, asking, “Where will you go next?”

The aim of picture books is to nurture the heart from the interaction between parents and children. Please enjoy Pettanko with your children together with the parents and children of the animals.

Please change the “you” part to your child’s name and read it.

If your skin and skin stick to each other, your heart should stick to it.


Vroom Vroom Hunk Hunk




It is a picture book of songs that even children who do not understand language can enjoy. I hope you enjoy the shaking and rhythm while holding it. Please try to learn the song from the video and play with it.



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I made this picture book as a touch picture book that you can enjoy from the ears like music.

I value “rhythmic repetitive words” and ” words like singing”.

When reading a picture book, please put your child on your lap and enjoy the sensations of the body according to the rhythm of “Rattle Rattle Bang Bang”.

While having fun with your ears and body, you can nurture your child’s mind through contact with mothers and guardians.

英語版「Where? Where?」


The picture book “Where are you?” is a picture book created by Mr. Nao Yoshino, who has worked as a teacher at a special support school.

It was created with the idea of creating a picture book that would serve as a tool for interaction between teachers and children, and that would help children acquire body recognition.

It is an inclusive content that can be enjoyed regardless of whether you have a disability or not.




英語版「どこだ どこだ」よしのなお

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A picture book where you can enjoy shaking in your arms


Floating Floating




This is a picture book where you can enjoy a relaxing swaying to the rhythm of “Fluff fluff”. For children who can’t see picture books well.



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This picture book was made to enable guardians and children to enjoy the experience of the feeling of floating.

Please put children on your lap and read this book by floating together.

I think children who can’t read picture books can enjoy the repetition and rhythm of words by feeling the mothers’ warmth and gentle voices.

This picture book’s content is a bit of fantasy, about an adventure with a balloon. Imagining about what it’s like above the sky, I hope guardians and children can enjoy this together.


Watch Out !



This is a picture book where you can enjoy the fun shaking in your arms. For children who like vigorous movements such as towel swings.



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​This picture book was made to enable guardians and children to enjoy while having  direct interaction.

​Please put children on your lap and read this book together. I hope you can enjoy physical sensation while shaking your body from side to side with the signal of “Watch out!”

​Please enjoy reading this as if you were the monkey.


Picture books with clear color schemes to practice “seeing”


Look! Look!



This is a picture book I made for practice of seeing (gazing). In particular, red is a color that is easy for babies and children with undeveloped eyesight to perceive.



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This book was designed to help with developing children’s perceptions.

For the illustrations, vivid colors were selected in combination with bold outlines to make recognition easy.

In addition, we also created a rhythm for the words so that children may enjoy the book just by listening.

We hope that our book’s question, “What’s this?”, will grow one’s curiosity and interest in the world.

We also recommend this book for infants as their first picture book.


A picture book that conveys love and hugs


I Love You




It is a picture book that you can hug your child while conveying love. “I love you” is the magic word that affirms all things in children. Please convey love to your children through picture books.



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The purpose of this picture book is to convey love through the word “I love you”.

“I love you” is a magic word that affirms everything about the child. Just by being told “I love you” by a mother, a child’s heart will feel relieved.

In addition, contact with mothers nurtures attachment and gently strengthens the foundation of a child’s heart.

Please hug your child and tell her “I love you” a lot through this picture book.

We hope that the time you spend reading this picture book will become a precious time for you and your child.


Promote development with picture books

The following are picture books intended to encourage development.


A picture book to practice making choices and expressing one’s intentions


Which One Do You Like?




This is a picture book about choice. It can also be used to practice “joint gaze” in which the child and caregiver look at the same object. It is said that language comprehension progresses when joint gaze becomes possible.



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The first picture book I made for my child. The theme of this picture book is “to be able to choose”.

My child has no words and has been practicing “selection” as a sign of intention for the past few years. Through this picture book, I made it with the hope that I would be able to express my intention, “I like this one!”.

In addition to concrete objects such as “apples” and “bananas,” words that express sensations such as “tickling” and “stroking the head” are also included. I hope you enjoy it while interacting with your child.

Even if you can’t speak the language well, it would be nice if you could point to or touch the one you like to teach.


My face




A picture book for learning emotions. You can learn how to deal with such situations.



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Children with developmental disabilities may have difficulty reading the emotions of others.

At such times, using this picture book will make it easier to understand the feelings of others and your own.

It is also recommended to use it like a picture card when you want to convey your feelings.

Ding Dong!


This is a picture book to practice expectations and predictions. You can enjoy repeating “pin-pon” with the aim of cultivating the feeling of “expectation” about what kind of customer will come next.



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A birthday picture book that can be given even if you have a disability


A birthday picture book that can be given even if you have a serious disability. There is one for boys and one for girls. You can write your child’s name on the picture book and read it while talking to your child.


At the end, there is also a page where you can write a message to your child and records such as height and weight.



All proceeds from the sale of this picture book will be used to fund the distribution of the picture book to facilities for children with disabilities. Therefore, please note that the price will be slightly higher than other picture books.


“Happy Birthday” ~Girls ver.~

ハッピーバースデー 女の子版

▼Watch the image of the story-telling video

英語版絵本おたんじょうびおめでとう女の子版 おたんじょうびおめでとう英語版絵本

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“Happy Birthday” ~Boys ver.~

ハッピーバースデー 男の子版

▼Watch the image of the story-telling video



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Shape play picture book that makes every day fun


Mekumi「Round rond double circle」




An award-winning picture book author, Mekumi, is a picture book that everyone can enjoy.



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*According to the author’s request, the sales of this picture book will be donated to support children with disabilities.

The picture book “savvy~?~Do you understand?~” is a picture book provided by Mr. Nim, an artist who draws art based on squares. Enjoy animal sounds quizzes and artistic illustrations.




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*This picture book is horizontal A5 size.

Picture book to spread understanding of disabilities


Below is a picture book I made to spread awareness of disabilities.


kidsnaco x Aika Shoji “Yume’s First Time Adventure”



A picture book featuring a girl in a wheelchair. I am creating this work with the message that it is up to you to decide how you perceive obstacles and shortcomings.



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Works by artists with disabilities


The following is a picture book using illustrations by artists with disabilities.


Yu Okuyama「Exciting Animal Shop」


英語版わくわくアニマルしょうかいじょ(Exciting Animal Shop)


This illustration was created by a disabled artist.
The story was devised by picture book author Aika Shoji,
borrowing illustrations by Yu Okuyama.

I want people to get to know the great artist Yu Okuyama
through the picture book.


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Hinata「Welcome to Hinata’s Town!」




This illustration was created by a disabled artist.
The story was devised by picture book author Aika Shoji,
borrowing illustrations by Hinata Inoue.

I made a picture book for children with illustrations that only he can draw.


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*This picture book is A4 square size.


Video for checking the quality of paper


Please watch the video above to check the paper quality of the picture book.

I hope this picture book will reach those who need it.


I don’t speak English. Still, I wanted to deliver this picture book to children with difficulties all over the world, so I made this page in poor translation.

I would be happy if I could convey my feelings.

Your support will be encouraging.

Smile to as many children as possible!


From Picture Book Writer Aika Shoji.